Great news!

We now have the official opening date for the beautiful new Signature Wellness Center, and it is even a little ahead of schedule. The Wellness Center will open to all Signature Members on Tuesday, September 20.  As promised, we will have preview tours of the Wellness Center for all Signature Members prior to the official opening. This will give you an opportunity to see the facility and to talk with the Wellness Center team about the equipment and programs available to you. Signature Members may tour the new Wellness Center from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m. on Monday to Wednesday, September 12 to 14.

As part of our enhanced services for the Wellness Center, Fitness Attendants will be on hand to assist you with any unfamiliar equipment that you may want to use as well as show you how to utilize the equipment correctly for the full benefits of your workout.  In addition Personal Trainers will also be available for a more personalized experience, each of whom will be happy to help you design a program and provide the guidance and support for you to achieve your fitness & wellness goals.   


With multiple fitness studios now available our aerobics and class offerings have increased as well.  You can take advantage of a wide array of new and exciting aerobics classes. More than 35 different aerobics classes are offered at various levels of fitness conditioning, from beginner to the experienced. 14 new Specialty classes will be offered at the Signature Wellness Center. Teaching those classes are some 20 different instructors with various aerobics class specialties from GoingFit, under the leadership of Heather Wadsworth.  A monthly schedule of aerobics classes and a list of class descriptions are available at the Wellness Center and online. Please follow the link below to access the schedule. Various classes will continue to be held at the Members Athletic Club and will be denoted on the monthly class schedule.  Classes taking place at the Signature Wellness Center will commence on Saturday, October 1st.