The Pharmacy Restaurant, a Southport institution for nearly 35 years, will close its doors at the end of service today.

Owners Dan and Kelli Menna recently sold the restaurant, 110 E. Moore St., to Oliver Landis, owner of Oliver’s on the Cape Fear at 101 W. Bay St. in Southport.
The Pharmacy Restaurant has evolved over its time at 110 E. Moore St., the historic building that housed Southport’s first pharmacy. The restaurant’s original owner, Doc Watson, named it The Pharmacy and operated a soda fountain-type diner for 16 years before it purchased by the Mennas. Since that time, it has earned a reputation for fine dining.
Mike Magee, general manger of Oliver’s, said that Landis is still working on plans for the restaurant. He was unable to confirm whether the name would change or when the restaurant might reopen.